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I am always pleased when someone who has read something I have written, sends me a note. When I write for the stage, I work together with the director, the actors and others who take care of the scenery or the music for instance, and I am there when the play is performed. It gives me the chance to see if the people in the audience like my work, or maybe go quiet for a moment or even that it wasn't as good as I thought it was. Writing a book is working on that book on your own for months, and then giving it to the publisher and a few others to read. When it gets published, there will be a few newspaper reviews (at least, I hope there will be reviews), but I don't really know what the readers think of the book, unless they send me a short letter.

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This page in English at the site of the NLPVF (Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature) contains a short biography. It also contains links to summary pages in English for the following books:

The summary pages include some press review quotes, an overview of translations, a link to a PDF with a sample translation ("Dossier", about 20 pages for each book) and book trade contact information for Querido, my Dutch publisher. The Querido Childrens' Books site also has some information in English, on this page.