You can, of course, find your own way through this site by clicking the words at the top of the page. But you can also let Christoffel guide you.

click me - come with me

We know who Karlijn Stoffels is, clearly she's some kind of writer. But who's that funny little chap?? That's Saint Christopher, Christophorus, a 'reformed sinner' who became a ferryman and carries people across a fast-flowing river. In Hanneke van der Hoeven's drawing he's carrying a little child through the current. As they move forward the child gets heavier and heavier. Little Christoffel nearly falls. Christoffel is a good symbol for a writer, I think. You say: I'll just write that book, but as you go along the writing gets harder and harder. He's a good symbol for a translator too. (In German, Übersetzer literally means someone who 'carries over'.) As a child, you may also have to carry a burden that's too heavy for you: your brothers and sisters maybe, or even your parents, or a serious illness. 'Hanneke's manikin', as I call him, is very funny as well as serious, so he is a good guide to lead you through this site. When you see little Christoffel he'll show you the way. (Now you understand how I got my surname. A Saint's name, too! But I mustn't get above myself - a Karlijn is an old coin worth about 1 pound 50p.)