Other work by Karlijn Stoffels

Paramaribo, included in Zomer in je kop (Summer in your Head), a children's holiday book with stories by Dutch and Flemish writers, Querido 2003. Diana hasn't seen her father for three years and goes to Surinam to spend the summer holidays with him.
Wis en Ramin (Wis and Ramin), based on an ancient Persian tale. Included in Heel lang geleden (Long, Long Ago), favourite fairy tales of well known Flemish and Dutch writers, published autumn 2002 by Lannoo, with illustrations by S C. ISBN 90-209-4896-2, 176 pages.

(from French)
De generaal van het dode leger ( The General of the Dead Army), by Ismaïl Kadare, Pegasus 1972. Reissued (with revised text by the author), Van Gennep 1998, in collaboration with H v d Kooy.
Hoe ik mijn vader redde (How I Rescued my Father), by Chris Donner, Querido 1999 (children's book).
De kwestie Leo (The Question of Leo), Christophe Honoré, Querido 2001 (children's book).

Radio Plays
Between 1986 and 1996 twelve plays.
Jouw sporen in de sneeuw (Your Footsteps in the Snow), KRO/BRT 1986. About two foxes in love, one of them has escaped from captivity. Directed by Flor Stein. Music by Henk Stoffels.
Rollend materieel (Rolling material), BRT. Music and songs by H. Stoffels.
De Bunkerbouwer (The Bunker Builder), NOS. About Resistance fighters and forgiveness. Was Grandad on the wrong side in the war?

Moord op de Maliebaan (Murder on Maliebaan). Thriller. Five plays featuring the Utrecht detective Simone Verlaat. KRO. With Ellis vd Brink.
Mevrouw van Dam begint opnieuw (Mrs van Dam starts over). After an unhappy life Mrs van Dam gets another chance. She starts right back at the beginning, in her mother's womb. KRO.
Wat de bever schreef (What the Beaver Wrote). TROS. Directed by Marlies Cordia. Sartre and de Beauvoir in the Afterlife try unsuccessfully to prevent publication of their letters which contain scandalous material. Music by H. Stoffels.

Beckett en Jacoba (Beckett and Jacoba). About the friendship between Samuel Beckett and Jacoba van Velde.

Simone my Love. Published by VINK. About the love affair between Sartre, de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren. One Act. Second prize at Amateur Playwright Festival. Performed by student groups, etc.

Moord in de Nonnerie (Muder at the Nunnery). Live Murder. One hundred performances at the Nunnery in M.

Beckett en Jacoba (Beckett and Jacoba). Performed by Toetssteen,
nominated for theatre festival.

Trow Oso in de Nes (Trow Oso in the Nes). Cosmic/Toetssteen. The wedding of a boy from Surinam and a Dutch girl. Dinner performance.

Treef. Written with Maikel van Hetten. Cosmic. A Jewish-Surinamese girl falls in love with a creole boy.
Wis en Ramin (Wis and Ramin. The Kidnapped Princess). Based on a Persian story. For about twelve boys and girls aged 10-14. Written, with a grant from the Amsterdam Arts Fund, in 1995. Published 2002 by VINK.